EU Just Transition Fund in Ireland

The EU Just Transition Fund (JTF) is a brand-new fund created under the 2021-2027 programming round. It operates under Regulation (EU) (2021/1056) within the framework of the EU Cohesion policy.

The Fund’s single specific objective is to support the regions and communities in Europe that are most negatively affected by the transition to climate neutrality, ensuring that no one is left behind.

In essence, the EU JTF aims to address employment, economic, social and environmental impacts that come with the shift away from carbon-intense activities. In Ireland’s case, the territory supported by the Fund will focus on the regions where there have been direct impacts from the move away from peat production and electricity generation from peat.

Ireland is set to receive up to €84.5 million from the EU Just Transition Fund over the period to 2027. With the Government of Ireland’s match funding using Exchequer resources, up to €169 million will be available.

As required in legislation, Ireland has prepared a Territorial Just Transition Plan and accompanying Programme setting out the activities the Fund supports. With the European Commission’s adoption in December 2022 of Ireland’s Territorial Just Transition Plan and Programme, activities under the programme are being rolled out in 2023.



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Read and download a Programme Summary booklet

  • EU JTF Territory

    As mentioned above, the Fund is designed to target areas that are most negatively affected by the transition towards climate neutrality. Several evidence-based assessments have identified certain counties and municipal districts in the wider Midlands as being the most negatively affected in Ireland by the closure of peat-reliant power stations. This will therefore be the target area of the EU JTF.

    This territorial designation was approved at Government level on the basis of:

    • A county-level analysis supported through the Structural Reform Support Programme of the European Commission
    • The reports and recommendations of the Just Transition Commissioner
    • The coverage of the National Just Transition Fund
    • A sub-county analysis commissioned by Government

    These reports can be found on this page.

    The territory will consist of the counties and municipal districts listed in the table below as well as in the map.









    More information on the selection of this Territory available on


  • Types of Activities

    The EU Just Transition Fund in Ireland has 3 priority areas for investment:

    • Priority 1: Diversification of the local economy
    • Priority 2: Restoration of degraded peatlands and regeneration of industrial heritage assets
    • Priority 3: Smart and sustainable local mobility

    These priority areas are designed to complement each other to address employment, economic, social and environmental impacts from the cessation of peat production for energy generation in the wider Midlands area. They are also complemented by other EU funding programmes.

    Read more about other EU funding programmes at


Community Facilities Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme

Bioeconomy Demonstration Initiative Scheme

Investment Grant-Aid Scheme for Private & Community SMEs


Other available resources

The EU Just Transition Fund is one of three pillars of the Just Transition Mechanism under the European Green Deal. Investments under the Just Transition Fund may be complemented by a combination of grants and loans to private sector entities from the EU’s InvestEU instrument (Pillar 2) or through a specific Public Sector Loan Facility managed by the European Investment Bank (Pillar 3). Read more about the Just Transition Mechanism.

EMRA’s role as MA and next steps

EMRA was appointed the Managing Authority of this new EU fund in December 2021 by the Minister for Environment Climate and Communications. As the Managing Authority, EMRA will have overall responsibility for the implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

EMRA and the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications are working  closely with programme delivery partners to prepare the implementation phase of the Programme and start delivering on its objectives. There was a formal launch of the Programme on 28 April 2023. Calls for proposals are now beginning to roll out so stay tuned for the funding opportunities!


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