Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Eastern and Midland Region

The Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly has made the final Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES). The RSES is a strategic plan and investment framework to shape the future development of our Region to 2031 and beyond.

The RSES identifies regional assets, opportunities and pressures and provides appropriate policy responses in the form of Regional Policy Objectives. At this strategic level it provides a framework for investment to better manage spatial planning and economic development throughout the Region.

The RSES has been published following three formal phases of public consultation coupled with numerous other consultation channels with various stakeholders, engagement with our Elected Members through Assembly meetings and dedicated Strategic Planning Area Committee meetings, the establishment of five technical working groups, feedback from a Senior Officials Advisory Group and consideration of detailed submissions from a range of stakeholders.

This was supported by a Socio-Economic Evidence Baseline Report, prepared in collaboration with the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at Maynooth University, which provides a detailed overview of the socio-economic characteristics of the Region, demonstrating the Assembly’s commitment to an evidence based policy making approach.

The RSES provides a:

  • Spatial Strategy – to manage future growth and ensure the creation of healthy and attractive places to live, work, study, visit and invest in.
  • Economic Strategy – that builds on our strengths to sustain a strong economy and support the creation of quality jobs that ensure a good living standard for all.
  • Metropolitan Plan – to ensure a supply of strategic development areas for the sustainable growth and continued success and competitiveness of the Dublin Metropolitan Area.
  • Investment Framework – to prioritise the delivery of key enabling infrastructure and services by government and state agencies.
  • Climate Action Strategy – to accelerate climate action, ensure a clean and healthy environment and to promote sustainable transport and strategic green infrastructure.

The RSES, prepared in accordance with the National Planning Framework, sets the context for each local authority within our Region to develop their county and city development plans in a manner that will ensure national, regional and local plans align.

The RSES is now available, together with supporting information;

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