As part of preparations for the development of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES), the Eastern and Midlands Regional Assembly have engaged the All Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at Maynooth University, to collate and analyse available sources of information to provide a detailed overview of the social, environmental and economic characteristics of the region and to highlight key issues and opportunities in the RSES Issues Paper.

To inform this process, AIRO and EMRA engaged directly with our stakeholders to gather input and feedback on the evidence and indicators, which will act as the starting point for the RSES in helping to identify regional strengths and issues and to formulate policies and objectives that will be progressed through the life time of the RSES.

To accompany the Regional Profile Report, the project team at AIRO developed a research mapping viewer that contains hundreds of information layers at the Electoral Division (ED) and Small Areas (SA) level to allow for detailed analysis of the region.

You can read the chapters in the Regional Profile here:
  1. Our Diverse and Young Population
  2. People and Place
  3. Economy and Employment
  4. Environment and Infrastructure
Sub regional profiles were prepared for each of the 3 Strategic Planning Areas (SPAs), see here:
  1. Dublin SPA Profile
  2. Eastern SPA Profile
  3. Midland SPA Profile
To manipulate data in the map please select appropriate layer from the Layer List. You can zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. 

Full screen viewer available on:

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