Dublin City at the forefront of EU Branding Initiative

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Dublin City at the forefront of EU Branding Initiative

Dublin has captured a €1m EU City Branding Initiative which is aimed at a more integrated approach to brand management across European Atlantic cities.

Dublin City Council is leading the ‘AT Brand’ Project which is a co-operation initiative and includes the cities of Cardiff and Liverpool in the UK, San Sebastian from Spain, La Rochelle in France and Faro in Portugal.

The overall aim of the project is to explore the feasibility of a long-term strategy to co-brand the Atlantic area. Over the eighteen months of the project, partners will through regional and local projects develop a draft roadmap for co-branding the Atlantic area. It is hoped that roadmap will play a key role in the development of integrated city branding throughout Europe.

The project will help Dublin strengthen its position internationally as a world class business location, a top tourist location in Europe and a highly desirable location to study and live in Europe. An Interactive digital platform will help showcase the city’s strengths to the wider public in a more appealing format using new and innovative city branding techniques.

Speaking following the launch of the project this week in Dublin, BMW Regional Assembly Director, Gerry Finn welcomed the initiative adding that: –

“Integrated City Branding is vital for the economic sustainability of our cities across Europe. With the economic downturn of recent times it is crucial that cities develop an integrated partnership approach to marketing themselves internationally. AT BRAND will go beyond the traditional City Twinning approach to help attract new investment and opportunities into the Greater Dublin region by exploiting strategic partnerships with Atlantic Cities. “

Speaking at the launch of the project, Director of the Office of Economy and International Relations and Research Office, Peter Finnegan stated:

“Every city must discover its unique selling point and build a story that captures the world. Adding, this project will help us revolutionize how Dublin projects itself to the world”.


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