Invitation to Sustainable Mobility Academy

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The Sustainable Mobility Academy (SMA) programme has been developed by the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly, Southern Regional Assembly and Northern and Western Regional Assembly. Its purpose is to accelerate the implementation of the National Sustainable Mobility Policy goals for safe, green, people-centric and integrated mobility systems across Ireland. It was announced in October 2022 by the Department of Transport as one of the successful projects under the National Pathfinder Programme and is being delivered by BABLE with a consortium of Irish and International experts.

At its core, the SMA programme aims to increase knowledge, competencies, and understanding of sustainable and smart mobility at local and regional government levels through offering a comprehensive capacity building and mentoring programme, empowering participants to take effective actions for sustainable mobility.

Unleashing the Power of Practical Mobility Insights

A remarkable innovation achieved through the Pathfinder project is the development of an online platform named the Sustainable Mobility Academy. The Sustainable Mobility Academy Platform, which is now accessible, serves as a dynamic repository of knowledge. It offers impactful showcases of case studies, project outcomes, and ongoing advancements across Local Authorities within each region, with a particular focus on active travel and sustainable mobility initiatives. This platform simplifies the process of knowledge exchange among local authority staff, allowing for seamless sharing of insights, resources, and tools to support sustainable mobility transformation.

Your Invitation to Get Started

We invite all local, regional, national level and stakeholders to embark on a journey towards impactful and sustainable mobility solutions. The Sustainable Mobility Academy Platform stands ready for your engagement, providing robust features and functionalities to fortify your endeavours. Whether you participated in our recent webinar or are commencing your journey, this platform beckons you to embark on the road to smarter mobility.


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